1 Oct

What should Mongo eat?

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9 Feb

Go Go Mongo! ABC Soup

Go Go Mongo! ABC Soup is an alphabet game for toddlers and preschoolers. Mongo is back for a new adventure, and now he wants to eat ABC Soup! Learn the alphabets by having Mongo eat soup letters falling from the …

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20 Jun

Tips and Tricks for Making Healthy Eating Fun for Kids

It is not always easy to get kids to eat healthy foods. The key to success is making the foods fun to eat. There are tips and tricks you can use to make healthy eating fun for kids. Let’s start …

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25 Mar

Planning a Children’s Themed Party

Are you putting together a themed children’s party, and getting held up on the details? There are a lot of different areas to cover for getting the right children’s themed party in place, from choosing a theme, through to selecting …

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20 Mar

Six Scary Cartoons That Your Kids Should Not Watch Alone

You know what it’s like; you watch a scary film on your own and then you are unable to sleep. You think that there are monsters in your room and you worrythat your house has suddenly become haunted. Well, you wouldn’t want to putyour children through this torture would you? There are some …

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25 Sep

Mongo Needs a Vacation! Where should he go? CONTEST!

Mongo has been working extra hard over the past few months, helping kids eat healthy and he needs a vacation!  Can you suggest a place for Mongo to visit, and things he should do there?  The best idea for a …

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31 Jul

Mongo Loves to go to the AppyMall

Mongo woke up today realizing that he hasn’t added any new games to his iPad in a while.  After searching online, he found that there were too many websites talking about apps, but none that actually were designed to recommend …

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18 Jul

Mongo and the squishy donut

Squish…  Mongo accidentally stepped on a donut!  The jelly filling oozed out and Mongo’s feet got really sticky.  Mongo started walking home slowly because his feet kept sticking to the ground.  As he was walking, he noticed a trail of …

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23 Jun

Mongo’s Trash Troubles

Mongo is a happy go lucky character, but sometimes he can be really lazy.  He likes to sleep until late and has a habit of eating!  Sometimes, he forgets to throw away his trash and it all piles up! One …

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14 Jun

Mongo Fights Pirates!

Last week, Mongo received an email from the President that read: Mongo!  It looks like a pirate has stolen all of your golden stars!  Come to Washington D.C. and lets get your stars back together! Sincerely, The President Mongo quickly …

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7 Jun

Mongo’s App of the Week: Elmo Calls

    It was a rainy Sunday afternoon, and Mongo was in a sad mood because he couldn’t go outside to play.  As Mongo lazily moped around his house Mongo’s iPhone started ringing.  Who could it be?   The caller ID …

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1 Jun

Mongo’s App of the Week: iLuv Drawing Dinosaurs

  This week, Mongo had a nightmare about a dinosaur.  The dinosaur was 10 times Mongo’s size and had fierce red eyes.  Mongo couldn’t sleep.  When morning came, he was still scared, until his friend told him not to be …

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