6 May

Mongo’s Adventures in Washington D.C.

  Last week, Mongo received a letter in the mail.  It looked pretty important so he quickly opened it up.  It was on a very fancy letterhead from the White House!  It read:   Dear Mongo, We would love it …

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25 Mar

Mongo’s Adventure at the Apple Store in San Francisco

Last weekend, Mongo had his first stage performance at the Apple Store in San Francisco.  At first, Mongo was very nervous and didn’t know what would happen.  He had butterflies in his tummy. But then he got the courage to …

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16 Mar

Family Fun Day At Apple March 17!

Join Mongo and his friends this St. Patrick’s at the Apple store in San Francisco for Family-Fun: Moms With Apps and iPad. Where: Apple Store, San Francisco, One Stockton Street When: Saturday, March 17 at 3:00PM The Family Friendly Developers: Michelangelo …

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3 Feb

Mongo’s Birth

One day, a boy was sitting in class and started dozing off because he didn’t eat enough vegetables the night before.  He had a dream about an orange creature, and when he woke up, he decided to draw what he …

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18 Jan

Mongo’s Adventure at the Fancy Food Show

On Sunday, Mongo visited the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, which was a 3 day event where thousands of food vendors got together to show off their best stuff.  By the end of the last day, Mongo was so …

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20 Dec

Celebrate a Lighter Hanukkah

Today marks the first day of Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights.  Hanukkah is celebrated for 8 days and nights to commemmerate the victory of the Maccobees’ military victory over the Greek-Syrians and the redirection of the holy Temple in Jerusalem. …

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16 Dec

Finger Food Fridays – Edible Decorations

Photo Source: A World of Holiday Marvels Decorating for the Holidays brings families together and fills a house with joy and laughter.  Whether its following tradition, or making new ones, we know spending those precious time with your kids is priceless! …

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7 Dec

Spice Up Your Holidays!

Cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg.  Sound familiar?  These spices seem to pop up around this time of the year, but have you ever wondered, “Are these spices even good for you?”  The answer is YES!  Take a look at these links …

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2 Dec

Finger Food Fridays – Crunchy Munchies!

Let’s face it, the Holidays are the hardest time to resists all those yummy crunchy munchies from sweet cookies to candies, to bars, but what can we do?  To start out with, try to get your kids to consume less. …

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2 Dec

3 Digestive Basics for Optimal Health

We are pleased to have Dr. Heather Manley join us again today for another special guest blog!  Learn more about your child’s digestion system and have fun doing it with her app Human Body Detectives: The Lucky Escape which is …

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