25 Sep

Mongo Needs a Vacation! Where should he go? CONTEST!

Mongo has been working extra hard over the past few months, helping kids eat healthy and he needs a vacation!  Can you suggest a place for Mongo to visit, and things he should do there?  The best idea for a …

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31 Jul

Mongo Loves to go to the AppyMall

Mongo woke up today realizing that he hasn’t added any new games to his iPad in a while.  After searching online, he found that there were too many websites talking about apps, but none that actually were designed to recommend …

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1 Jun

Mongo’s App of the Week: iLuv Drawing Dinosaurs

  This week, Mongo had a nightmare about a dinosaur.  The dinosaur was 10 times Mongo’s size and had fierce red eyes.  Mongo couldn’t sleep.  When morning came, he was still scared, until his friend told him not to be …

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3 Feb

Mongo’s Birth

One day, a boy was sitting in class and started dozing off because he didn’t eat enough vegetables the night before.  He had a dream about an orange creature, and when he woke up, he decided to draw what he …

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18 Jan

Mongo’s Adventure at the Fancy Food Show

On Sunday, Mongo visited the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, which was a 3 day event where thousands of food vendors got together to show off their best stuff.  By the end of the last day, Mongo was so …

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