1 Jun

Mongo’s App of the Week: iLuv Drawing Dinosaurs


This week, Mongo had a nightmare about a dinosaur.  The dinosaur was 10 times Mongo’s size and had fierce red eyes.  Mongo couldn’t sleep.  When morning came, he was still scared, until his friend told him not to be scared, and to confront his fears by drawing out his dinosaur.  Mongo tried and tried on paper and kept getting scared, and then he found this app, iLuv Drawing Dinosaurs, where there were 19 different dinosaurs to draw, all of which were very friendly looking!  He decided to draw a Scelidosaurus, and since his favorite color is orange, he made the dinosaur orange with blue scales!  Ooohhhh!  Scarry!  Well, not really!

The next night, Mongo had the same dream with the dinosaur, but this time, he wasn’t so scary.  In fact, the dinosaurs were all dancing around!  Good night Mongo, sweet dreams!

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