23 Jun

Mongo’s Trash Troubles

Mongo is a happy go lucky character, but sometimes he can be really lazy.  He likes to sleep until late and has a habit of eating!  Sometimes, he forgets to throw away his trash and it all piles up! One …

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14 Jun

Mongo Fights Pirates!

Last week, Mongo received an email from the President that read: Mongo!  It looks like a pirate has stolen all of your golden stars!  Come to Washington D.C. and lets get your stars back together! Sincerely, The President Mongo quickly …

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7 Jun

Mongo’s App of the Week: Elmo Calls

    It was a rainy Sunday afternoon, and Mongo was in a sad mood because he couldn’t go outside to play.  As Mongo lazily moped around his house Mongo’s iPhone started ringing.  Who could it be?   The caller ID …

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1 Jun

Mongo’s App of the Week: iLuv Drawing Dinosaurs

  This week, Mongo had a nightmare about a dinosaur.  The dinosaur was 10 times Mongo’s size and had fierce red eyes.  Mongo couldn’t sleep.  When morning came, he was still scared, until his friend told him not to be …

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