6 May

Mongo’s Adventures in Washington D.C.


Last week, Mongo received a letter in the mail.  It looked pretty important so he quickly opened it up.  It was on a very fancy letterhead from the White House!  It read:


Dear Mongo,

We would love it if you could come and meet with us at the White House during the Association of Competitive Technology (ACT) Fly-in.


The White House


Mongo got so excited and started to dance.  He quickly packed his bags, and got on a plane from San Francisco to Washington DC.  It was a long flight, but Mongo had plenty of games on the iPad including his latest favorite app, iLuv Drawing People, so he can doodle for a good 5 hours!


On Monday, Mongo will be visiting the White House, and then on Tuesday, Mongo will be visiting the House of Representatives and the Senate.  He will be meeting with Congress to protect children’s privacy on mobile, and get some more spectrum so we can have faster download speeds on our smartphones.


On Wednesday, Mongo might actually join forces with Batman to fight the Pirates from China!


Follow Mongo’s adventures in D.C. on Twitter: @gogo_mongo





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