25 Mar

Mongo’s Adventure at the Apple Store in San Francisco

Last weekend, Mongo had his first stage performance at the Apple Store in San Francisco.  At first, Mongo was very nervous and didn’t know what would happen.  He had butterflies in his tummy.

But then he got the courage to go to the store and started walking towards the store.  He saw a sea of green, and a parade going down Market Street.  He was excited and gleeful and joined the parade.  The only problem was that he wasn’t wearing any green!  He felt out of place, being bright orange in an ocean of green.


He quickly ran to the Apple store and he found a pamphlet of events.  Mongo now blended right in as the pamphlet was also bright orange!

As he opened the pamphlet, he saw something familiar…  “Moms with Apps”…  He was so excited because he was going to see his friends again from Speech With Milo, Murky Reef, iLuv Drawing, Pirate Scribblebeard, Pre-K Letters and Numbers, Monkey and the Crocodile, and Abitalk.

Mongo also made friends with the nice people at the Apple store, all dressed in blue.  They asked him to have a seat on stage.  Mongo was getting butterflies again in his tummy!  There were three rows of seats in front of him and swarms of people milling about at the store.


To calm his nerves, he looked over to the kids area, and there he saw somebody he recognized!  It was Mary Mahon and her kids!  To his surprise, her kids were playing Go Go Mongo! at the Apple Store!

He then finally settled into his seat and he saw that his favorite Mom, Lorraine Akemann was starting the talk.  She introduced everyone and asked Mongo’s buddy Ahmed to talk more about Mongo.  Phew!  Mongo didn’t even have to say anything!

After the talk, Mongo went around the store, meeting more friends.  He was thankful that he got an opportunity to perform at the Apple Store with his friends.  In the end, he realized that being on stage isn’t really so scary at all!  Fly away butterflies from Mongo’s tummy!

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