16 Dec

Finger Food Fridays – Edible Decorations

Photo Source: A World of Holiday Marvels

Decorating for the Holidays brings families together and fills a house with joy and laughter.  Whether its following tradition, or making new ones, we know spending those precious time with your kids is priceless!

Usually during the holidays we forget the rules of eating healthy and we over indulge in rich chocolates, sugary frostings, and everything else we’re not supposed to eat.  The truth is, any time you are with loved ones, you’re bond to get into a food frenzy (especially if you’re Indian; you can’t leave without eating everything two, three, FOUR times!  Not just because you want to, but because you’re forced to.  I can only say this because I come from an Indian culture where food means everything!)

Food = Happiness.  In any language and any culture.  Bottom line: Eat to your heart’s content, or should I say stomach, but eat responsibly :)  You should enjoy what you eat and have fun!

In today’s Finger Food Friday, we’re going to show you fun ways to use food to decorate! Just a note, yes, most of these “edible decorations” are not considered “healthy,” but who says you can’t decorate with them?!  (It’s ok to munch on some too while you work ;) )


Gingerbread House

About.com has everything and anything you would want to know about How to Make a Gingerbread House.  Stock up on some colorful candies, and different shaped cookies, pretzels and biscuits and lets start creating!  Also, be sure to check out our previous post, Spice Up Your Holidays, to learn all the health benefits of ginger and other holiday spices.  You could also make a batch of your very own gingerbread cookies!



Ornaments make for great colorful decorations and gifts too.  There are endless possibilities when you create your own ornament.  Here are a few:

Dried Fruit Ornaments by No Meat Athlete

Peppermint Ornaments by Martha Stewart



You can decorate wreaths all year round, but these are few that caught Mongo’s eye because he loves veggies!!  These wreaths are made out of radishes and brussel sprouts.  If your child helps you with this and actually tries these veggies, we’ll send them free stickers!  Let us know what you think!

How to Make a Radish Wreath by Sunset


A Brussel Sprout Wreath by Apartment Therapy 


We hope you had fun discovering new ways to use food.  If you have more ideas on edible decorations, please share with us.

Happy Holidays!

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